Your stay

Booking was smoother than you thought. It only took a few minutes to manifest the idea of a get-a-way trip into reality. You've scheduled a weekend stay, and it cannot come soon enough.

Slide open the large windows and let the outside in. Take a deep breath, and feel the tension you've been carrying leave on the exhale.

Check out

As soon as check-out is approaching, you will receive a message from us. Here, if you wish, you can also add a late check-out if you want a few extra hours. In the check-out portal, we greatly appreciate your feedback.Naturally, you don't need to think about laundry, as this is included in all stays with us.

Mobile key

On the day you arrive, you get access to your mobile key. This works right up until you check out. You can easily share the key with those you are traveling with.You do not need to download any app to use either the guest portal or the mobile key with us.

Guest portal

As soon as you have checked yourself in, you get access to your guest portal. Your journey starts here and you can read about the activities in the area or the facilities in the cabin from the sofa at home.From the guest portal, you can also chat with us if there is anything unclear.


With us, you check yourself in before you get to Grend. You can already check in from the moment you receive the confirmation of your stay. With 3 simple clicks, it's all done and you can look forward to your stay approaching.