Boutique cabins in the middle of Nature. A slow travel experience for stillness and relief.

Because we believe that is what you need.
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Could you slow down and take a break from it all? Let your breathing ease off, take in the sun's warming rays through the treetops, and feel the salty ocean wind on your skin. The presence of nature has been shown to help our bodies and minds get back to harmony. In the cascade of obligations and events that are part of our everyday lives, we believe the remedy is disconnecting from the raucous bustle and reconnecting with nature. That is how we define luxury. A quiet luxury.
Grend Stavern
Grend Stavern
Grend Bo
Grend Bø


A minimal impact on nature is possible. We know because we do it. Every day, we keep learning, seeking to develop our concept further, with a sustainable principle at the base of every design, through our choice of locations, materials, production processes, and your experience.
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