Grend was established to create nature-based travel experiences that don't harm the very same environment we seek to be a part of. Our cabins are designed and built with a minimal impact on their surroundings, with fine points of a boutique accommodation. Including our daylight-bathed rain showers and queen beds with magnificent views.

Slide open the large windows and let the outside in. Take a deep breath, and feel the tension you've been carrying leave on the exhale.

Let your gaze naturally reach for the warming sun in the middle of the blue sky and indulge in the refreshing smell of evergreen pines and mountain air. This is the tale of slow living. This is what you need.

The presence of nature bears with it the ultimate luxury of our time. In the West, we live in a world where deep breaths and inner peace are in short supply. We long for the tranquility evoked by the green forest, the salty ocean breeze, and the sweet smell of a sunflower field on the bottom of a mountain hillside. This is luxury to us—a quiet luxury.

Seamlessly merging the inside with the outside, the cabins invite you to do the same: step out of your busy head and into the rich experience of life, disconnect to reconnect and find peace in the stillness.Grend is a slow-travel, boutique experience designed to reconnect you to nature. We believe that is what we need.
What started as an effort to help families vacation in lush scenery has now become a mission to restore people to balance and harmony with nature.Why do we believe this is important?

To save some time, we'll refrain from reading the long and disheartening list of why reconnecting with nature is crucial. We all know it's there, staring at us from the news headlines-the environmental crises, the escalating mental health issues.

Can we still be saved? We believe so.

Luckily, the positive impacts connected to immersive nature experiences might be as long as the list we mentioned above. We understand that Grend is not the sole solution to today's challenges. However, we firmly believe in the power of reconnecting with nature as a remedy for our disconnection to life.

Science is on our side. Many studies show that being in nature can decrease the stress hormone cortisol, better known as the crammed inbox hormone, improve our cognitive brain functions and immune system, and enhance our compassion for others. How about that? The Earth basically helps us become better versions of ourselves!

Have you ever been captivated by the majestic rise of a burning sun from a mountain peak? Or felt the salty ocean wash away all your problems on a hot summer day? Another aspect of being in nature is making it personal. By immersing ourselves in its presence, we come closer to understanding its value and our place within it, fostering a sense of belonging and appreciation.At Grend, we're dedicated to finding the most sustainable production solutions while keeping our cabins at the pinnacle of comfort. We want you to be able to count stars in the middle of the boreal forest from a pile of warm dune duvets. Because who said you can't have both?

But don't take our word for it; try it for yourself.
Reliefe is always one Grend experience away.

Our Partners

Snøhetta & Omgi
Cabin life with minimal interventions in the landscape.Snøhetta has developed a series of modular cabins for the Norwegian start-up Omgi.With panoramic windows as the sole barrier between carbon coziness and nature experiences, the Omgi modular cabin offers visitors a unique, almost borderless experience with nature while placing a minimal physical footprint in the landscape.

Omgi is a Norwegian word that means Surrounding oneself with something and someone - be it nature, silence, friends, og family.

The front exterior has large panoramic ceiling-to-floor windows, while the other facades are clad with carbonized wooden panels og reclaimed panels. Lifting the modules protects the forest ground, harmonizing the building with the surrounding nature and blurring the lines between indoor and outdoors.

Vist Snøhetta & Omgi
Kebony. Natural wood made to last.

In 1997, Kebony was created in Oslo, Norway with the intent of redefining the treated-timber industry. The new company began testing the technology, and by 2003, it was validated and a pilot production facility opened in Norway.

Today, Kebony is thriving internationally as customers around the world choose the route of sustainability for their wood design projects. The modern, minimalist aesthetic of the products is admired and Kebony’s durability promises installations that stand the test of time.

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We create room for people, with caracter.

We are passionate about creating room for people. With furniture – and much more. The ultimate solution all in one place. We provide expert advice on furniture selection and collaborate with the most talented architects and designers. We manage projects successfully across the finish line. We move, maintain, hook up and recirculate. We supply data to make the most of your floorspace.

In all that we do, our actions are guided by our deep respect for the Earth’s resources. This is why we offer both environmental certifications for furniture and climate performance data for entire collections. We minimize waste with our furniture take-back program – for resale, donation or sorting. We do it right. And we provide full documentation.

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Sprekenhus is a Norwegian unisex body care and fragrance brand based in Oslo, founded in 2010 by Alexander Eggum. The journey started with a collection of hair care products which still is a part of the brand today. Since then, Sprekenhus has expanded the collection to include hand- and body care products, home fragrances and fragrances.

The name Sprekenhus originates from Alexander’s grandfather, born in the ancient landscape of Vega, an archipelago in Norway and UNESCO World Heritage Site. Inspired by the nature of Vega and the family roots connected to the island, Alexander started translating this into products. The connection to Vega is an essential part of the brand’s DNA.

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KAOS will deliver the coolest and most sustainable equipment for children and families.

Sustainability is integrated into the heart of KAOS, and when we make products, it is always top of mind and sets the stage. We start by identifying parents' needs, before investigating new solutions to help create something compatible with a circular economy.

We are the first in the world to offer recycled and recyclable children's equipment. We work with AION by AkerBiomarine and Fortum Waste & Recycling to ensure a circular plastic economy.

Folding children's chair made of wood is produced with zero waste production. Everything left after production is used as fuel to generate electricity and heat at our factory.

The latest version of the Klapp children's chair is made exclusively from 100% recycled plastic from consumer waste. The chair also has 63% lower CO2 than fossil plastics.

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